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13.02.2008 11:28 Alter: 15 yrs

Vienna English Theatre

Wild Weekend

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On Friday, the twenty-fifth of January, all the fifth and sixth classes of our school were invited to watch the “Vienna English theatre” playing the play “Wild Weekend” written by Clive Duncan. And so was my class, the 6d.

First, I thought that it would be very difficult to follow the plot of a theatre play I didn’t know before hand but it turned out that I had no problems to understand it.
The play is about four young people, Denise, Leanne, Shane and Angus, who go camping in the wilderness of Wales for one weekend. Four different characters try to survive as a group. Denise, the shy nerd who is totally underestimated by the group, Leanne, the egotistic beauty-queen, who always first cares about her looks and her own desires, Shane, the wilderness expert, the leader and strong guy, and Angus, the sensible one, who also plays the “clown of the group”.
First, they have no idea how to deal with the rough forces of nature and begin to fight with each other about who is going to be the leader of the group and, of course, where they are going to get their food from.
But during the weekend they discover that they cannot live without each other. They learn how important the role of group work and team spirit is.
They also learn that if a group trip should work out, the personal wishes and desires should be left behind. As time goes by, there is even love in the air.
I think this play conveys how important group work is and that we should not underestimate our friends or judge them just by their looks.
I want to thank our English teacher for going to this wonderful theatre with us and I think we all have learnt much about group work and of course about the English language.

Schulthess Irina