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10.05.2009 20:24 Alter: 15 yrs

Creative Writing Activity


Angelehnt an die berühmte Geschichte „The Unicorn in the Garden“ von James Thurber bekamen die Schüler die Aufgabe, eine Geschichte zu schreiben, die folgende Wörter enthalten musste:

suspenders/ rooster/ booby-hatch/ strait-jacket/ struggle/ Chinese Whispers;

Folgende Geschichte wurde von den Schülern zur originellsten Story gewählt:

The Bright Green Rooster

Once on a very beautiful day, old Henry was sitting in his garden, enjoying the sun. Suddenly his bright green rooster, which was wearing suspenders, began to talk. “Would you like to play Chinese Whispers with me?” “No, I’m tired, sorry, “old Henry said. The rooster shouted with his noisy, annoying voice, “But Henry, I want to play now!” Henry didn’t reply.
Two cats in Henry’s garden started a noisy struggle. “Shut up!” Henry shouted angrily. The cats ran out of Henry’s garden. The rooster said, “You are so boring, you are always lying in your stupid deck chair and you never want to play anything with me!” “How old are you now, three?!” Henry asked. “And why are you wearing this stupid chicken costume all the time? You should go into the booby-hatch. You are 21 now.” Henry said to his son. “I should put you into a strait-jacket!” he continued. Henry’s son, with the bright green rooster costume, was quiet and stared angrily at his dad. And if they didn’t die, they are arguing until now.

Kriegler Romy, 5b